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One of our constant reminders here at The Truth About Making Money Online is "Do not buy make-money systems!"  The primary mistake that people attempting to make money on the internet make is jumping from one program to another because none of them make one much money .  I am always amazed that these programs which promise lots of money quickly, in fact almost immediately, try to sell you other programs. They do so because they know that their programs will not deliver and so you will soon be looking for something else. In fact, this is how most of them actually make the sellers money, by selling you more and more programs. You will not find us doing so here.

However, if you are new to internet marketing, one program may be a good idea for that basic training.  With that in mind, I recommend the following four programs.  But even they still over-promise in terms of monetary results.   Nevertheless, unlike most make-money systems, these are very good.  They will make you money if you will do what they say and stay with their system.  That means that you keep working at it, instead of chasing the new-shiny program that comes out promising you big money.  Click on the name to explore the program.

Affiliorama - Great affiliate marketing training.  A good place to start.  

Anik Singal -  Anik has more than one excellent program including Profit Academy and Inbox Blue Print.  However, his programs are only available a few weeks per year.  So if you want his products, you need to purchase them when you see an announcement.  Click on his name to see if anything is available at this time.

Google Sniper - George Brown's system of building small websites with highly targeted and non-competitive keywords.  I have used his system for years.

My Mobile Money Pages - Make money program that designs and produces websites for you.

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