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If you are going to create and run many websites, you are going to need graphics, clipart and photos to put on your site and illustrate your posts.  Even though the search engines cannot “see” the graphics (which is why you must use alt tags), they still love graphics because they know that humans like […]

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ClickBank Review


ClickBank is an affiliate network.  In fact, at least for digital products, it is the gold standard of affiliate networks.  An affiliate network is where product creators place their products so that others (affiliates) can find the products and then promote them for a commission of the sale.  But an affiliate network is much more […]

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Review of BoxedArt


BoxedArt is an amazing collection of web templates and graphics at an equally amazing low price.  It is a crucial tool in website design and development.  Moreover, before I tell you about BoxedArt, I am going to let you in on an exclusive secret.  You can get BoxedArt, Built2Go, StockedPhotos, and ThemeStock all for the […]

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Tools To Make Money Online


Instead of buying make-money systems, buy tools that will make you money.  Perhaps buy one make-money system in order to learn internet marketing.  After that, you need to acquire the tools that will help you successfully put internet marketing into practice.  In this section I will be reviewing the products that help me make money.  […]

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Article Builder Review

Article Builder

It’s no secret that content is the most important aspect of any site.  I mean, when you think about it, what makes any website on the internet better or worse than any other website?  The answer is:  Content.Blog ContentI don’t think there is any denying or arguing that fact.  But when you own multiple websites, […]

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Make Money Programs

make money

One of our constant reminders here at The Truth About Making Money Online is “Do not buy make-money systems!”  The primary mistake that people attempting to make money on the internet make is jumping from one program to another because none of them make one much money .  I am always amazed that these programs […]

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