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Thanks to a new review, we have a new member of our stinkers list from the solo ad category of website traffic generation . It is the 15 Dollar Solo Ad Service.  You can find it at 15 Dollar Solo Ad Service.

Solo ads are a great way to build your opt-in mailing list or generate website traffic.  Essentially, you create an ad for your website’s opt-in page and the provider sends it out to their mailing list. Then these members click on the link to visit your site and then some of them opt-in to your site and list.  You encourage this by offering something of value for free for those who opt-in.  So solo ads are a way to purchase website traffic.

15 Dollar Solo Ad Service

When I encountered 15 Dollar Solo Ad Service, it appeared that it provided a low price for what I hoped would be high value.  It looked like a great way to purchase website traffic.  It promised “guaranteed” solo ads.  So I decided to test it for myself and of course review it for you as well.

In my review I found that the top of site is a bit misleading (something that I always object to and point out).  It proclaims 1000+ click and 100+ opt-ins.  However, that is not for the $15 dollar ad, but for a $50 one.  This is made clear further down on the page, so in my review I decided to give them a pass on that minor indiscretion and I decided to go for the higher-priced $50 package.

The main reason that I went with the larger package was because it was “guaranteed.”  In fact the website was effusive about its guarantee.  The following quotes are taken from the website:

* -100% Guaranteed

-Guaranteed Clicks

-Guaranteed Optins

* 100% Risk Free

* Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

* If for whatever reason you are unsatisfied with the product or service there is a 60 full money back guarantee.  Simply contact . . . requesting the refund.  The refund will be issued within 24 hours.

How could I go wrong?

15 Dollar Solo Ad Service Review

So I ran a $50 solo ad.  It was an ad that I run regularly and so have an extensive track-records on how it does as to opt-ins.  This particular ad garners between 30-35% opt-ins on average.  So with a thousand clicks, I should get at least 300 people to sign up to my newsletter.  Though the guarantee was only for 100 and I would have been happy with that result.

The results I got were very disappointing.  I probably did get the 1000 hits to my website.  It is difficult to distinguish this traffic from other general traffic to my website.  However, the issue is always, were these really humans who clicked on the link and came to my website and looked over the offer or were they visits generated in more dubious ways?  I have no way of discerning this.  So this review will grant that the ad met the click guarantee.  So how did it do in regards to opt-ins?  Terrible!  Unacceptable!  Giving this ad the credit for all of the opt-ins during the time period (and the ad may not of actually been responsible for all of them), I got 8 opt-ins.  That is an opt-in rate of 0.08% (based on a 1000 clicks) with an ad that normally brings in 30-35%.  Less than 1% when more than 30% could be expected.  That makes me suspicious about the nature of those 1000 clicks/hits, but that doesn’t matter as I was guaranteed 100 opt-ins.

So I emailed the support line several times.  I told them that I was not even sure that they had sent the ad out.  I asked about the “click tracking link” which I had never received.  I told them that I was not satisfied.  I received no response back.

Since I had made the purchase through PayPal, I opened up a complaint.  Then a strange thing happened.  The vender escalated it to a claim.  Venders never do that because it leaves the decision in the hands of PayPal where they usually lose.  Well, I soon found out why.  PayPal’s resolution center does not cover non-tangible purchases, but only physical objects that can be shipped.  So they dropped the case.  This vender obviously knew I had no recourse through PayPal and just wanted to be rid of me.

So, this review has found all that talk about guarantees just stinks and consequently 15 Dollar Solo Ad Service joins our Stinkers List.  Phew!  This review advises you to stay away.  You do not want to purchase website traffic from this source.


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