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$500 A Day is a $44.95 product that is often advertised with the headline: “Do not be scammed by other programs out there that promise you money and never give you it.  This program promises real paychecks instead of fake offers. . .”

This $500 A Day review finds that despite that claim this product is perhaps the ultimate empty box product.  $500 A Day consists of a one page website that is about three or four screens long.  In that space it briefly tells you how to sell this empty box to others.  $500 A Day was my introduction into online internet marketing.   I felt like I had been cheated.  I had been cheated.  Even worse in order to get my money back, I sold it for a while.  In fact, I made a little bit of money selling this empty box program.  But I felt like a cheat when I did so.  In fact I was so disturbed by this product that I decided to start a website where honest reviews would be presented and good products would be promoted.  You are visiting that descendent of that website.  It was first know as AccerTruth which is where our URL comes from, but is now know as The Truth About Making Money Online and where ethical internet marketing is proclaimed.  So $500 A Day was the first member of The Stinkers.

Thankfully, I do not see $500 A Day promoted much anymore.  However, empty box programs still abound in affiliate marketing.  Today the boxes are both full and empty.  They are stuffed full of bonuses which may or or may not be of value to you.  They also now come with a website in which you can capture email addresses and hawk the system to more people.  But at the heart the system itself is still pretty much an empty box as there is nothing of intrinsic value.  The system is the websites (and the bonuses) and you sell others a similar website (and bonuses).  But the website mostly doesn’t do much.  It probably captures leads so that you can sell an identical website to some of those leads.  They are then to capture leads with their identical websites and sell those people the same website.  This really is just a souped-up version of the empty box.  In fact, no valuable product or serve is being sold.  It is really a house of cards waiting to collapse.  You do not want to attempt to be making money online via such methods.  So be aware of these and stay away from them.  An empty box may collapse at any moment and you do not want to be tainted with their stink.  Phew!


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With a Ph.D. in ethics and a long-time educator, Accer has for the past ten years created websites providing valuable information and honest reviews of products.

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