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Article marketing is one of the best ways to be successful in internet marketing today.  The idea is to write short articles about topics related to the products that you are promoting.  The articles are not directly sales pieces but rather informational pieces which are useful to readers.  However, within these articles you place links back to your websites which are promoting products.  One then submits these articles to article directory sites who host the articles and web search engines find the articles and the links contained in them and they get included in the search sites such a Google.  Moreover, other websites come to these article sites for content for their webpages.  In order to use such content these websites must keep the links included.  This gives your links even more places to be found by search engines as well as ordinary readers of those websites.  All of this gets your links out there in many ways.

There are some complications with this method of marketing.  The central one being time.  It takes a lot of time to write articles and get them submitted to the various article sites.  So of course other internet marketers have looked to solve this issue by creating software to help you write these articles.  Article writing software works by using the keyword phrases you have provided to find web content related to the phrases you used.  It then creates paragraphs on your topic; you then select the ones you want to use.  You can then re-work this content into your own article.  If you plan to purchase article writing software, you should look for ones that help you to create content on any subject from scratch and then provides tools to help you rewrite the content into you own unique articles.  Let me give you some evaluation of article writing software packages on the market.

Quick Article Pro

Qucik Article Pro

Let’s first turn to Quick Article Pro from Quick Article Software.  It is a moderately priced software.   Quick Article Software is a solid vendor, so I have no problems recommending Quick Article Pro or any of their products.  It is a good program and you can use it without spending a whole day learning it.  It will help you write articles much easier and faster.  Quick Article Pro scans the web for relevant content based on your keywords and returns a list of gathered content information in the form of topics and sentences.  The Quick Article Pro software is good for generating ideas for articles. However, the task of creating and editing the article is still passed on to you.  So you better look somewhere else as there is other software out there which can do better than this product.  It is good, but not great.

Review Writer

Review Writer

I write a lot of review articles, so while I was at Quick Article Software, I also checked out their Review Writer Software.  I was very disappointed in this software.  While it is moderately priced, I still find it much more than it is worth.  While it is easy to use, the results are disappointing.  It essentially creates one paragraph generic reviews.  You might be able to use them as an opening paragraph, but it falls well short of creating full review articles.  Even if you write lots of review articles, I would suggest you take a pass on this software.

Instant Article Wizard

Instand Article Wizard

I finally found what I was looking for when I purchased Instant Article Wizard.  You get to try this great piece of software for seven days for $7.  If you decide to keep it, which you will, it has a moderate yearly fee.  Instant Article Wizard is software developed by Jonathan Leger that will help you write articles quicker by doing research and organizing it in a logical manner. Based on your keywords, Instant Article Wizard has a complex algorithm that extracts relevant pieces of research from a huge database of more than 250,000 articles plus the full world-wide-web.  It also includes a random factor in the algorithm which prevents exactly the same research from being gathered for the similar keywords each and every time they're run.  The software helps you create very real human type articles in just a matter of minutes.  Instant Article Wizard will take a set of keywords that you provide and help you identify subtopics around which to create a top-quality article.   The system generates paragraphs of content based on the topics you select.  It then helps you rewrite the research using the integrated The Best Spinner thesaurus.  It will even verify that your article is unique by checking it against Copyscape and highlighting the areas of the article that Copyscape considers “duplicate.”

It used to be that most internet products were of low quality.  That is not the case anymore and Instant Article Wizard is certainly a tremendous product.  If you are series about article marketing then you must have this product in your toolkit.

Article Builder

A slightly different, but even better tool for article writing is another product by Jonathan Leger called Article Builder.   You can read a complete review of Article Builder by clicking here.

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