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You have probably received numerous emails about taking surveys for cash and prizes.  Perhaps some of you have even signed up and taken a few.  But the question for internet marketers, and perhaps the general public as well, is whether you can make any real money by taking paid surveys?  This review will provide you with some answers.

Making Money Online With Paid Surveys

I find that one of the easiest ways to make some cash on the internet is to participate in online paid surveys.  True survey companies are not trying to sell you anything; they are only interested in scientific results of the surveys.  This means that they use the data you provide in aggregate and do not link your answers to your identity.  This means you can answer honestly knowing that your answer will be kept confidential.  Indeed, you must answer honestly.  These survey companies pay you in cash, prizes and sweepstakes for your efforts.

Unfortunately, a number of marketing companies use faux surveys in order to get information from you that they will use for marketing purposes.  They are trying to sell things to you.  However, some of these companies do provide significant rewards for participating and there is nothing wrong with you participating in these surveys as well.  However, it is important to be able to distinguish the two types so that you are aware of which you are giving information to.  Unfortunately, it is not always obvious as to which they are.  Some of the faux survey companies are obvious as their “surveys” take you through endless pages where you accept or decline various offers, but others are less obvious.  As you participate in more sites you will learn to distinguish between the two.

If you are going to seriously get into the taking of paid surveys I would suggest you purchase a master survey list.  While there are some free lists available on the web, this review concludes that if you want to get heavily involved in making money through paid surveys, you should purchase one such list.  I think it would take you hundreds of hours to collect all the information that is on these paid lists.  So my recommendation is for you to pay the fee to join and it will not take you long to make it back and then you will be pocketing your profits.  This is the only expense in this income stream.  Otherwise, it is free money as none of the survey companies charge you anything for joining.  If you find one that does charge, do not join it.  The paid lists do contain listings for both the scientific and faux companies and unfortunately they do not clearly distinguish between the two.  So you will have to develop your critical thinking skills on this issue.

Survey Income Review

While the survey lists over-hype how much money you will make and how little time it will take, the critics are also wrong when they say paid surveys are a rip-off.  I find that what the critics have reviewed are the faux surveys and the over-hyped claims.  My review has found that you can make hundreds of dollars a year (probably more as I never took all surveys that I was invited to) through taking paid surveys.  Often you get free stuff as well (free stuff I have received include a computer cam, toaster oven, casserole carrier, gift certificates, laundry detergent, air-freshener, soap, toothpaste, and mouthwash).

While the survey lists claim very high paid surveys resulting in a good hourly rate.  I never found that to be the case.  Instead I found the pay rate to be small which resulted in a terrible hourly rate.  However, in my experience without ever giving it my all, I found that I made hundreds of dollars a year even though I never came close to responding to all the survey invitations I received.  So you may well do better than I have done.  I used the low-hourly income as a way to fund my other internet marketing efforts which then did result in much better earnings.  So, especially as a new internet marketer, I found taking paid surveys to be worth the time.

You do need to be patient once you sign up.  It takes some time before you start to get many  requests to participate in surveys.  In my experience, survey income builds significantly over time.  So be patient and be diligent.

There are several things you need to do if you are going to make any significant money from paid surveys.  Respond to email survey offers the day they arrive.  Many surveys only stay open for a short time.  Some of the high paying surveys fill up with hours or even minutes of being open.  So the ideal survey taker is a stay at home person who can check email several times a day.  Also, log-in to the sites of the paid survey companies you have joined every few days.  Some companies do not send out emails for each survey, but post available surveys on their sites.  Join a new survey company every day as you need to belong to many paid survey companies to make good money.  Each time you join a survey company go to the site and there will be a section or a series of surveys to find out more about you.  These are called different things at different sites, but “profile” and “booster” are common terms.  While you do not get paid for completing these, you will get way more surveys if you complete them than if you do not.  Again, with scientific survey companies you do not need to worry about revealing this information as they will not use it to market to you.  They will only use it to match you with surveys and to do statistical analysis on your responses.  Remember they are interested in aggregates not in you personally.  For some survey companies you can make significantly more money by creating a downline.  So for these, I would I would suggest you not only join them, but you recruit members for your downline in order to make significantly more money.

Despite claims to the contrary you cannot make a full-time income by being a paid survey taker.  At least my extensive experience with taking surveys showed differently and I do not think you should expect such results.  I would love to hear about it if you prove me wrong on that issue.  Nevertheless, this is not my purpose in suggesting that you become a paid survey taker.   Instead I encourage survey taking for a little extra pocket cash or for the beginning online marketer to help cover other business expenses.

This review concludes that you will need to put in a good effort to make any real money.  But there is the catch.  In a legitimate business such as the one that I am helping you build, you do not get something for nothing.  Something for nothing is the world of scams.  Only in one sense are surveys free–that is they do not cost you any money (other than the suggested list).  They do however take your time.  So you get paid in exchange for your time and effort.  That is pretty much how a job works.  So in building an online business, you will likely find that as other parts of the business begin to produce more profit, you may want to scale back your efforts in the survey phase.  It will become a balance of which will provide you more income for your time investment.  That is a decision which you will not only have to make for yourself, but it is one that you will need to keep making.  It should be a slow slide away from surveys and toward more central and profitable parts of your business.  But for now, if your are really serious about establishing a profitable, legitimate and ethical business, you should be putting major efforts into survey taking.

While there are a number of paid survey lists which you can purchase, I would recommend Survey Scout.  Not only do they have a large list of survey companies, your purchase gives you access to more than 250 companies looking to hire people to work from home.   These are real bona fide jobs including data entry, call center agent, customer service and more!

Do not purchase more than one list as each list will be virtually identical.  But if you take paid survey taking seriously, this review concludes you can make good extra income in a manner that is fun and allows you to influence the development of products and services.


PS.  If you have experience with paid surveys, please add your comments in review below.  Also be sure to check out all of our product reviews.


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