A Review of Water for Gas Products

Water For Gas

Some of the hottest affiliate marketing products during the past ten years have been manuals for converting your car to run on water.  This is not surprising with gas prices.  In my review, I have found it hard to find reliable information about whether such water systems work.  I am very skeptical of the claims.  I would test it myself, but when it comes to cars, I have no mechanical aptitude.  So, my best recommendation is for you to pass on these programs.  Moreover, if your goal is making money online this review would suggest you not promote this affiliate product on the internet as it raises ethical internet marketing issues.

Water For Gas Review

So do these internet based manuals actually claim you can really run your car on water?  No. The hydrogen car is about to hit the commercial market, but that is not what these products are claiming to create.  These products do not claim to allow you to run your car solely on water.  What they claim to do is to allow you to use water to significantly increase your gas millage.  The basic idea is that your car’s electrical system creates HHO gas from the water and then that is injected into your carburetor and is mixed with the gasoline and air.  Essentially it serves as a fuel additive.  The claims are that your mileage will improve by up to 75%!  Your car will run better.  You will help the environment.  Those claims are, of course, all based on the thing actually working as opposed to being a scam.  So this review tried to discover is there was any validity to this approach or is it simply a scam.

My biggest frustration for this review of  these water for gas manuals is trying to find reliable information about them.   There really is little available.  What I have been able to uncover basically falls into two groups.

The first group is those who dismiss the product out of hand.  While I am sympathetic to their suspicions, this group is really of no help.  They are not basing their conclusions on anything.  They have not tested it.  They have not purchased a product to scrutinize the claims.  In fact it seems that many do not really understand what the product is supposedly doing.  They are quick to use highly technical jargon such as the laws of thermodynamics, but they do not directly apply such concepts in any meaningful way.  In reality, these nay-sayers are of no use in this review evaluating the water for gas products.

In the second group are personal testimonials from people who claim to have installed the system and found significant gas mileage improvement.  Many of these testimonies appear on the products’ sales pages or from people who are trying to sell the product as affiliates.  I am of course skeptical of these claims.  Moreover, individual results are not very reliable because other factors such as driving differently or under different conditions could account for the improved mileage.  Nevertheless, this review is left with them pointing to the possibility of there being something real here.

If you would like to explore the claims of these water for gas products yourself, click here to see an example product.

The conclusion of this review is to suggest that you not waste your money on these water for gas manuals.  There simply is not any evidence that they work.  If that evidence comes through at a later time, I will update this post.  I would also encourage internet marketers avoid marketing such affiliate programs since the lack of evidence that the method works raises ethical questions for one promoting it.


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