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ClickBank is an affiliate network.  In fact, at least for digital products, it is the gold standard of affiliate networks.  An affiliate network is where product creators place their products so that others (affiliates) can find the products and then promote them for a commission of the sale.  But an affiliate network is much more than an affiliate product directory, it is the go between the product creators and affiliates.  An affiliate network handles all kinds of things such as the actual sales transactions as well as tracking and paying the commissions.  ClickBank excels at all of this!

A Review of ClickBank

This review is focused on the affiliate side as opposed to the product creator side of Click Bank.  However, ClickBank is an excellent place to list your product if you have one.  Though, they have higher standards than do most affiliate network which is great for affiliates, but makes things more complicated if you are a product creator.

ClickBank for Affiliates

ClickBank is one of those products that I know I would not be able to make money without.  If you are trying to make money online, you need to join ClickBank.  Moreover, there is no reason not to.  As an affiliate, it is completely free.

The first thing that is important concerning ClickBank is its size.  It has an amazing collection of products that you could sell.  Mostly likely, no matter your niche, ClickBank will have products you can promote. While this was not the case when ClickBank opened, it now scrutinizes products before accepting them into the network.  This means that the quality of products ranges from good to excellent.  Now that doesn’t mean that you or your customers will be satisfied with every product.  But that is covered too, as all products offered via ClickBank can be refunded for 60 days which means that customers have a guarantee of satisfaction.  That does mean some of your sales will be refunded and you will lose that commission.  However, that is more than offset by the increased sales from being able to guarantee to your customers that they will be satisfied or they can get their money back.

Commissions are high with ClickBank products, up to 75%.  This is the big advantage with digital products.  Amazon has a great affiliate program, but commissions with them are in the 4-6% range. Consequently, as an affiliate you can make much more money with far less sales in terms of dollar amount with ClickBank.  However, you do not need to choose as you can be an affiliate using both ClickBank and Amazon affiliate networks.  The question is where you want to put your effort in terms of promotion.

You will get paid for your sales with ClickBank. ClickBank accurately tracks sales and you get credit even if the person does not purchase on their first visit but comes back and purchases later.  For up to 60 days
you still get the commission if a person you referred, buys later.  Moreover, you get paid by ClickBank.  The sales process is handled by ClickBank and then they distribute the income to the product owner and to affiliates.  As affiliates, you get paid every two weeks like clockwork.

ClickBank provides you with good information or analytics.  You have access to data about impressions, clicks, and sales for the various offers you are running.  You can use the data to fine-tune your marketing efforts.

The one thing that I dislike about ClickBank is its search capabilities.  You can browse via categories to find products that you may want to promote.  But the search function does not return very useful results.  This is especially true when looking for a specific product.  Putting the product name into the search does not necessarily return the listing for the product.  That is a weakness.  However, it is not a reason NOT to use ClickBank, it’s just a pain when doing that kind of searching.

Advantages of ClickBank:

  • A vast array of product to promote for most niches.
  • High commissions ranging from 1% to 75% and are determined by the publisher of the product.  Most are in the 50-70% range.
  • You will get paid for your sales.
  • Advanced analytics about things like clicks and sales which allows you to refine your marketing.

Disadvantages of ClickBank:

  • The on-site search capability in looking for products to promote is poor.


Based on all the information we have seen, you should join ClickBank.  The advantages are worth much more than the disadvantages of this product.  It is clear to me that you would be extremely well served by ClickBank.  For those wanting to make money online, ClickBank is a gem.  You need to be a member and as an affiliate there is never any cost associated with membership.   Go Here to sign up.



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