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In my review, I find Email 50 Million to be an inferior product.  It is what is called a safelist system.  Safelists can be used in internet marketing to generate sales, opt-ins to email lists or just drive website traffic to your site.  I have only used the free version of Email 50 Million and so perhaps the paid version is better, but the free version did not cause me to want to buy the paid version.

First of all, this program is deceptive!  It claims to blast your ad to “50 million recipients” anytime you want.  It appears to me that the messages only goes to others who have joined this program and that the list name is “50 Million.”  So you are blasting you ad to a list named “50 million,” not that there are that many people on the list.   So I am unsure of the actual number of people who receive it, but I suspect it much fewer than 50 million.  Moreover, it places you on the list and so you get everyone else’s emails.  So it seems that your emails are simply “trying to sell” to others who are “trying to sell.”  As a result, your mailbox gets absolutely flooded and consequently you simply hit the delete button.  I would guess that is what everyone else does with your email messages.  I know this is basically how “safelists” work, but I think the whole idea has serious issues.

This Email 50 Million review concludes that it is not a tool for making money online.  When a review finds that even when the price is “free” that a program is not worth it, it tells us its a good candidate for the Stinkers List.  Phew.



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