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This I turned $10 into $31,250 within the first 30 days review has found the program to be a pyramid scheme.

It is so cheap ($10) and promises so much ($31,000) that it is very tempting.  It got me when I was new to making money on the web!  For your $10, you get a software package, mostly containing eBooks and by doing this it probably avoids being illegal.  (Remember, I am NOT a lawyer and so I am NOT offering a legal opinion.)  The software was all I got for my $10, as I never got any payments to my PayPal account.  The program also claimed to have been featured on TV programs such as 20/20 and Oprah Winfrey and also written up in the Wall Street Journal.   My research has not been able to find any validation for such claims.  This scheme seems to die out for a while, but then it comes back.  Moreover, last I check the software provider was no longer online.  You are likely to encounter this at some point in time and as much as each of us could use the $31,000, I suggest you keep your $10.  If you would like to check out the hype you can click here.

You should avoid the program because is not ethical internet marketing.


How Does a Ponzi Scheme Work?

Prosecutors say Bernard Madoff used a Ponzi scheme to bilk people out of $50 billion. So just what is a Ponzi scheme. (Dec. 17)

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