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Mobile Money Machines is an online affiliate marketing course and software suite.  Mobile Money Machines software builds mobile landing pages designed to collect user’s cell phone numbers.  Those numbers are then used to promote a wide range of affiliate offers.  The package includes a Facebook app which is supposed to gather both email addresses and phone numbers.  So lets review how well Mobile Money Machines does what it claims to do.

Mobile Money Machines Review Pros

In my review, this program had one of the best sales page I have ever encountered.  It consists solely of a very long video.  But it is done so well that you keep watching the whole thing.  In fact, not only did I buy the product for $49.95 (which I often do so that I can review the product), but I bought an upsell product for $97.95.  I did turn down a $200 upsell.  Nevertheless, before I knew it I had purchased two years of webhosting for $262.80, spent $29.90 registering two domain names, signed up for a $19 a month email service, and spent $169 for a Word Press plug-in for my website.  I was about to start spending money on cell phone advertising when some technical problems with the system finally slowed me down.  Obviously, being in the business that I am in, I am not an easy sell.  So I have say in review, the promotion of this product was very powerful.

Mobile Money Machines Review Cons

Mobile Money Machines ReviewHowever in a review as an ethicist, one of the things that I am always on the lookout in internet programs is their use of deception.  Now having the product and evaluating the sales video for Mobile Money Machines system, I find that in review, it is full of deception.  In fact it might be fair to say that it is close to being nothing but deception.  The story is that there is this secret underground internet and that Mobile Money Machines is special software that allows you to profit wildly from it.  The founder, Frank Lucas, has built massive servers with the software on it.  He is really giving this software away.  The $49 is just so he can recoup the cost of the servers.  Now in review having the program, I find very little software in it.  Most of it uses methods that have long been around and in other peoples systems and servers.  As best I can tell, there is only one small part that is new that could possibly on this new server and really all it does is help you create a special cell-phone squeeze page.

In my review, the second major deception I found in the marketing video for Mobile Money Machines was how easy the process is to set up.   The claim is that you simply log into the system, fill out few forms and hit go.  It says that you can be making money tonight.  I found the setup long, multi-step, complicated and required a fair amount of computer knowledge in order to complete.

In review, I would also have to say that I was less than impressed with the training videos of Mobile Money Machines as well!  The ones produced specifically for this product were okay.  However, they made use of some generic videos for certain components of the process.  This made some things less than clear.  In addition they are now using a different hosting company than is referred to in the video.  It would have been much clearer if the videos had been redone or at least a note at the bottom of the video providing updates.  This lack of detail is very disappointing.

I was equally disappointed in customer and technical services for Mobile Money Machines.  After having everything set up the system did not work.  The specifics of the problem were that the system was not capturing emails as it was supposed to.  Customer service was very slow to respond and then said they were turning it over to their technical services which were equally slow in responding.

They never solved it and as I asked for updates, they suddenly refunded my money without me asking for it.  There must have been a lot of Mobile Money Machine complaints.  They told me that I had been complaining to ClickBank, but I had never contacted them.  Since I had invested significant time and was not done testing the product, I repurchased Mobile Money Machines.  While I would say I have received some value from my purchase and still use some items from my purchase, overall there is not much there and almost nothing new.

When I purchased Mobile Money Machines it was sold through ClickBank.  They have since changed to another service.  One of the things they boasted about to affiliates when they made this switch was that there would be no refunds with the new service.  This review finds that a huge red flag.  It appears that they fear that way too many people will want refunds because they find the product does not live up to its claims.  It doesn’t, but now evidently you cannot get your money back when you come to that conclusion.

Actually, this review has found that Mobile Money Machines has red-flag after red-flag.  As best I can determine it is promoted almost completely on a deception.  There is a difference between hype and untruth and this product seems to be based on untruth.  The promotion talks about a major breakthrough and advancement and I could find no such thing.  There is some content to the product but it mostly very old ideas.  The technical support was terrible and it appears that no refund is now offered if you find the product lacking.  Basically, this product stinks.  Phew!  Mobile Money Machines has been added to our Stinkers list.  I suspect that other Mobile Money Machines reviews are equally negative.  I suggest you stay far away from this affiliate marketing product as it is not how you want to be making money online–because you will not make any with this program.    If you want to check it out, here is the link for the Mobile Money Machines website: Mobile Money Machines.


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