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My Airfare Secrets seemed like a wonderful product when I first encountered it.  I love to travel and this product promised to help me do so much more cheaply.  After all, who isn’t in search of cheap tickets!  In fact my plan was to create a website to just promote this product.

My Airfare Secrets does have much to offer and I still think you should consider buying it especially if you do significant travel.  Nevertheless, I was disappointed in My Airfare Secrets.  As you know unlike most people on the web, I write honest reviews instead of just writing positive reviews in order to sell products that are not really that good.  This is definitely one of those products that you should only buy with your eyes wide open which will be the case when you finish reading this review.  Because My Airfare Secrets failed to live up to my expectations, I am not going to create that website to promote it.  However, since I went to the expense of purchasing the product, took the time to read and review it carefully, I feel the need to share my review so that others can learn from my experience and then make their own decision to purchase or not purchase it.   So I am placing this My Airfare Secrets review here on The Truth About Making Money Online even though the product is not about internet marketing.

My Airfare Secrets on YouTube

The easiest way to describe what My Airfare Secrets purports to provide is to share with you a YouTube video promoting it.  You may watch it here:



My Airfare Secrets sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?  Actually pretty amazing!  Well, it is a good product, but it is NOT the great product that I expected.  I do not think My Airfare Secrets lies to you.  All of those claims in the video are available, they are just not as simple as one would expect.  There are two areas of deception in My Airfare Secrets that bother me.  As you know from my other reviews, over-hype and deception, are big negatives for me.  The first deception is the idea that My Airfare Secrets has such dangerous secrets that the airlines are out to stop the product and out to get the author.  I have to say that, I don’t think that is the case.  I really doubt that the airlines give a hoot about any of the content of My Airfare Secrets.  The second deception is that most of the really good “secrets” require further purchases.  I always feel deceived when a product promises certain advantages only to deliver the ability to purchase something else which will deliver those advantages.  I always feel taken advantage of when a product does this and unfortunately this is exactly what My Airfare Secrets does.  Now I do have to say that I have purchased one of the two additional products and am very happy with it and it does deliver what is promised.

My Airfare Secrets Still Worthy of Purchase

So I have been pretty negative so far and I suspect most of you are convinced you should never purchase My Airfare Secrets.  However, there is still a lot of value in the product and if you do significant travel then My Airfare Secrets may still be a good purchase.  But now you will do so knowing that you are not really getting everything promised in the video, at least not without a further purchase.

My Airfare Secrets is full of helpful information to save you travel money especially on airfare.  There is a good amount of content which is always a concern with internet products.  Including the bonuses (not counting the planning software and the phrase guides) there is 107 pages of content in My Airfare Secrets.   Moreover, if you use this information I am convinced that you will save money.  Moreover, My Airfare Secrets is very reasonably priced.  I took all the information and created my own personal checklist of ideas to use in order to save money when booking travel.

My Airfare Secrets is divided into five parts: Basic Tricks, Better Tricks, Advanced Tricks, Miscellaneous Travel Tips, and Top Secrets.  When you read the Basic Tricks section you are likely to react with a “I already know this.”  However, I would ask you if you actually use these ideas to save you money when you purchase travel?   So it a really good review of things we should already know.  Better Tricks is mostly focused on ways to get cheap airfare tickets if you belong to certain groups such as the clergy, military, seniors, students, faculty, families or conference attendees.  Most of these ideas were new to me.  Advanced Tricks are more difficult to summarize but this section includes a number of great websites that can help you save on your airfare (no I am NOT talking about Hotwire, Priceline, Travelocity or Expedia–though My Airfare Secrets does tell you when, when not and how to those those tools).  Miscellaneous Travel Tips contained some useful ideas, but nothing real exciting.  The Top Secrets section is where the great ideas are.  However and unfortunately, most of these require further purchases.  So that I am very clear there are two extra purchases offered.  Most of the secrets are contained with one extra purchase which I mentioned earlier I have made and I am very happy with that choice.  The other extra purchase is focused on getting sudden deals and since I did not make that purchase, I cannot evaluate its worth.  I should add that your purchase comes with product updates but at the time of the writing of this review it had not been updated for a year.

The bonuses focused on seats, hotels, car rentals and cruises were pretty brief but contained some useful ideas.  I found the cruise bonus to be especially strong.  The trip planning software and the phrase guides were basic, but still nice add-ons.

So should you purchase My Airfare Secrets?  Well I think the answer is: It depends.  Having read this review, I think if you do decide to buy it, you are doing so with your eyes wide open.  You now know that it is not going to be as spectacular as the video above or the sales page make it out to be.  However, it is very reasonably priced.  Consequently, if you do much travel, it will likely pay for itself quickly.  Moreover, with the product you can make the decision on whether to purchase the one or both additional products and then you will get the large advantages outlined in the video and sales page.

So all-in-all My Airfare Secrets is an “average” to “good” product, but not the outstanding product that I had hoped it would be.  Click on My Airfare Secrets to visit its sales page or to purchase it.

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