My Mobile Money Pages Review

My Mobile Money Pages

This My Mobile Money Pages review will introduce you to a convenient system that takes online affiliate marketing into the mobile world.  Anyone interested in making an income online through the creation of small websites marketing Amazon or other affiliate products will take interest in My Mobile Money Pages.

What is My Mobile Money Pages?

This review of My Mobile Money Pages notices that it calls itself an app for your smart phone, but you could also consider it a mobile online website builder.  I do not find much value in the mobile part of its name as I have only used in on my computer and not a mobile device.  Nevertheless, it is a convenient tool in making entire online affiliate marketing websites complete with advertising, affiliate marketing links, and keyword optimized content.  It does all the design work for you.  These online websites are not large, but tiered informational websites.  They are, by design, smaller sites tightly focused on one product from which you can earn affiliate commissions.

My review of My Mobile Money Pages found that it claims that you can be making an entire site in less than two minutes.  Testing the program during my review process found that it took much longer than this but it is a easy way to create an internet site.  Moreover, once you get the system down, it is as simple as filling in fields and submitting.  The site is created almost instantly.  You can also use the program on a regular computer which is what I did for this review.

My review found that you get to select which keywords you want to use when making each online site, and the keyword research is built right into the program.  You can also opt to have your content spun into 40 different languages.  This is an easy way to increase the amount of content on your site, though it might not be a great idea to present too many languages on one online website and machine language translations are usually less than optimal.

How Does My Mobile Money Pages Work?

It is one thing to understand what the program does, but this My Mobile Money Pages review will also tell you how the program works.  The most important thing to understand is that everything you need for making your website is included in the program.  That means you don’t have to seek out your own web hosting, and you don’t have to pay to register your domain name.  Of course, you do get to select your domain name.  You don’t even have to pay writers to create your content!  However making sites this way has them placed on sub-domains of larger sites.  So it is better to purchase your own hosting and domains.  The program can work this way as well.

In my review I found that the My Mobile Money Pages system works rather simply:

  1.  Type in the name of the product to be featured on your website.
  2.  The system creates a long list with hundreds of keywords.
  3.  You select a few keywords that you would like to feature on your website and some other key data needed to create your site.
  4.  My Mobile Money Pages quickly creates your site, including all of the product reviews, links to Amazon and other affiliate networks selling products, and some other content optimized with your keywords.

Is My Mobile Money Pages Right for You?

There is a 56 day money back guarantee, so there isn’t much to lose if you are interested in making cash from affiliate marketing.  The only catch to be pointed out in this My Mobile Money Pages review is that the websites are very obvious in their intent to only sell a product.  You won’t get the best content and still need to do some marketing of the sites on your own to get a lot of traffic.  That said, it is a fast way to design some sites if this is the type of website you want to create.

My Mobile Money Pages is promoted as a money making product and you know I tell you to stay clear of them.  However, this could be a good choice if you are to buy one for basic affiliate marketing training.  Moreover, if you ignore the earning claims, you could see this simply as a website design tool and buy it for that reason.  I find My Mobile Money Pages to be quite good at making websites and I personally use it to design and create money making online sites.  Here are two examples of My Mobile Money Pages that I created during my review:

The Golf Instructors

Computer Stuff

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P.S.  If you have experience using My Mobile Money Pages please use the comment section below to add your own review.  Is it an effective way to do online affiliate marketing?  Also be sure to check out all of our product reviews.


My Mobile Money Pages

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