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In these hard economic times, many people turn to online work-at-home jobs as ways of supplementing or replacing lost income.  Unfortunately, my review has shown that many such online programs are at best ineffective and at worst frauds.   One group of online work-at-home systems are online data entry jobs.  Like other online based programs my review revealed that online data entry jobs include the good, the bad and the ugly.  This review will explore online data jobs in general and then discuss a specific example called My-Data-Team.

My review found that all online data-entry programs that I examined included a large deception.  In all of them, the basic program is engaging in online affiliate marketing.  Consequently, the “data” that one enters on the jobs are forms to promote online affiliate marketing products.  One does so by filling out forms to submit the affiliate marketing products to search engines, to place classified advertisements, to submit emails to safelists, and so on.  I am not sure why just about every online money-making program seems to contain some form of deception.  Nor, as an ethicist, am I happy with this deception.  Nevertheless, these online data entry jobs  can still be an effective way to make some money and yes the major part of one’s time is entering data but it will be related to affiliated marketing.  Plus, after the initial purchase, the quality programs do not require the expenditure of any more money.  You should be able to do this “data entry” affiliate marketing for free.  So other than the initial investment, the only thing you can lose is your time.

My review revealed that time is a second area that these online courses tend to be deceptive about.  They usually take much more than the few minutes a day that they advertise, especially at first when you are learning the system and getting everything set up.  Even after that, there is a direct correlation between how much time you spend and how much money you bring in.  This brings me to the third common deception, the amount of money you will make.  If the product claims to be a get rich quick scheme run away from it fast.  The money you make will depend on how much effort you put it, how accurate you are at following directions and how your skills develop in doing things like writing effective advertisements.  The quality systems will help you do all of these things and overtime it is possible to make a significant income when using quality systems.

The thing that makes the good programs stand out is the amount of training, software and support that the product provides.   Good products contain extensive training including videos that walk you through each and every step of the process.  The best systems also include software, as part of the original purchase price, to help speed up and simplify the process.   The best products also provide support, at least via email, when you need it.

In my review, all internet data entry jobs that I have seen base their central method on affiliate marketing.  There are a very few that go beyond and provide training, resources and connections to what one would more naturally consider to be data entry.  These can be contracted data entry, home typing, conducting research, transcription, field auditing, and proof reading.  So in looking for the truly exceptional data entry product, one should look for such things being included in the product.

Review of My-Data-Team

I am often asked which online data entry programs meet the standards that I have set out above.  Through my extensive research on the subject, I have found My-Data-Team to be the best.  My-Data-Team is not perfect and unfortunately still contains some level of deception and its jobs also are focused on affiliate products.  It, in fact, provides excellent training in promoting affiliate products.  However, after reading this article you should be able to approach it with your eyes wide open.  My review of My-Data-Team has found that it contains many of the factors discussed above including extensive training.  While its focus is still on affiliate marketing, My-Data-Team also goes beyond and provides much information on what I find to be the more common understanding of the phrase “data entry jobs.”  For instance the bonuses that come with My-Data-Team includes information about traditional data entry, transcription data entry, and research data entry all of which one can do online.  You are encouraged to learn more about My-Data-Team.

However, remember that My-Data-Team nor any online data entry jobs is not the best method to make money online.  They are all examples of “make money” products that I advise you avoid.


P.S.  If you have experience with My-Data-Team or other online data entry jobs please provide your own review in the comments section below.  Be sure to check out all of our reviews of making money online products.


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