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If you are going to create and run many websites, you are going to need graphics, clipart and photos to put on your site and illustrate your posts.  Even though the search engines cannot “see” the graphics (which is why you must use alt tags), they still love graphics because they know that humans like them and so sites with graphics are more appealing to humans than those without.  Consequently, search engines rank sites that use graphics throughout higher than those who do not.

In terms of finding graphics, what many people do is search for images on the web, download what they want and then upload them to their website.  Let me be clear, that is blatantly illegal.  Doing so can put your websites and yourself at legal jeopardy.  Do not do this!  The one exception is if the image is public domain clip art or has granted special permission for you to use the images.  However, even in those cases there are often requirements for giving credit and if you do not follow those directions then your action could still be illegal.  (I am not a lawyer and that is not legal advice.  I am an ethicist and can add that to steal graphics in that manner IS unethical.)

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A much better option is to subscribe to  I do and I know that I could not make money without it. was owned by Getty Images, but has recently been acquired by Vital Imagery Ltd. is the largest collection of royalty-free images on the internet.  So how large you may ask?  How about 10 million images.  Yes, a subscription to gets you access to 10 million images that you can use on your website and elsewhere.  You can find images for just about any subject you may need to illustrate.

The collection contains a variety of graphics. There are more 3 million downloadable clipart images in categories such as animals, business, food, holidays, religion and transportation. T he royalty-free clipart images are ideal for presentations, brochures and web sites. There are over 130,000 professional-quality photos and stock images. Comprehensive subject matter covers everything from the abstract to the tangible, including stock photography.  Most royalty-free photos range from 3x5 to 8x8 inches at 72 dpi.  The collection includes more than 5,000,000 web graphics.  You can simplify your site's web graphics navigation with the collection of stylish royalty-free icons, buttons and bullets in every shape, size and color.  Create a mood with tileable textures and art patterns from the collection of webpage backgrounds.’s collection includes royalty-free illustrations which are from the highest quality scans of original hand drawn artwork.  You can choose from classic storybook and vintage illustrations and have access to the classic Dover illustration collection which is available exclusively at  There is a large collection of royalty-free photo objects which have the same high quality as stock photos, making them ideal for presentations, brochures and websites.  Photo objects combine high-resolution photo quality with the simplicity of vector art.  All photo objects have full clipping paths, allowing them to be placed on any background.  Your subscription comes with over 120,000 downloadable vinyl-ready vector clipart images.  These royalty-free vinyl-ready clipart images are ideal for signage, brochures, printing and desktop publishing.  You also get thousands of fonts to download in every font style imaginable: retro, handwriting, futuristic, western, novelty and more.  All fonts are compatible with Macintosh and Windows operating systems.  Every font is available in TrueType format.  All are categorized and cross-referenced for easy retrieval.

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There are a variety of subscriptions.  You can subscribe for a week, a month, 3 months, 6 months or a year.  So you should be able to find a subscription that fits your needs.  Of course the longer subscriptions are better deals.  If you are serious about making money online through building websites, I would recommend the yearly subscription as you will be using the graphics all the time as you build and post to your site.  At the time of this writing the yearly subscription is only $139.95.  I find that very reasonable!  Moreover, you do not lose the rights to use the clipart once your subscription ends.  You can continue to legally use the images because your subscription gives you the perpetual rights to graphics you download during your subscription.  So I guess you could subscribe for a short time and download a lot of graphics to use latter.  That would be a tedious process though and I can’t image not having a subscription as I access almost every day.

The site is easy to use including the download process.  Each graphic is available in various formats such as jpg, png, gif.  However, the number of formats varies from graphic to graphic.  Of course with 10 million graphics you are not going to find what you want by browsing, you need to be able to search.  The search function is certainly functional.  You can find graphics related to the topic you are interested without much trouble.  However, I would rate the search function as only mediocre.  It is difficult to find exactly what you want with precision.  Often you will need to do a general search on your subject and then browse those results to find what you need.  Not a bad process, but it could be better.  The only other negative comment I have is that the transition of the site from Getty to Vital was not smooth.  They had announced that the site would be down for a few days but instead it was down for a few weeks.  They were fair and extended everyone’s subscription by the down time.  However, if the site was your only sources for graphics, you went without during that transition.  Nevertheless, that was an unusual situation highly unlikely to ever happen again.  I have never encountered the site down except for that situation nor had other technical difficulties. is a tremendous resource for those building a business online or offline.  But it is truly an essential resource for those building and maintaining websites.  I know that I could not make money without it.  I highly recommend it to you.

You can get ClipArt.Com here.


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