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Gte Google Ads Free

Get Google Ads Free  and the system it promotes has been around for some time yet it remains a consistent internet seller and also a controversial subject.  Is it a scam or a real opportunity?  Should you buy it or avoid it like the plague?  Well read on and I will give some true insight as you reach that decision for yourself.

Many reviewers have been quick to claim that it is nothing but a scam and I suppose that is a reasonable, if uniformed, conclusion one could draw from the sales hype that the product uses.  How could it be possible that you can get all of these free adds?  One obvious answer is that the product creator has figured out a way to illegally rip-off Google and other pay-per-click (PPC) companies.  In fact to some degree, the sales hype seems to suggest this, though if you read carefully it is also clear that no one is cheated.  In my review of the system, not only is it not ripping-off Google and other PPCs, it is in reality very good for their business.  It brings them more business.  So have no worries, using this system will not make you part of a rip-off.

The other obvious answer that reviewers could (and obviously did) draw from the sales hype was that it was simply a rip-off.  They assumed you would spend your money on the eBook and be given something that obviously did not work; after all, you cannot get all this valuable advertizing for free, can you?  Well, my problem with many reviewers, is that it is obvious that they did not buy the book, or read it, let alone
test it.  They simply reviewed the product's sales materials and not the product itself.  Unfortunately, that is exactly what happens with far too many reviews on the internet and it is why you need to come to The Truth About Making Money Online.

The other complaint that many reviewers have made is that the author has exaggerated and lied about how much free advertising and earnings he has made.  I have to say that I am always suspicious of large claims and I am suspicious of the claims of this author.  However, that is far different from what I have seen other reviewers do which is to claim that they know he is lying.  The simple question is, how would they know that he is lying?  Do they have access to his bank records or tax returns?  Of course not.  So why can't they be honest, like I am, and simply say that they are suspicious of his extravagant claims.

I do give the sales hype of this product a negative review.  It tries to sell the product based on a deception.  With this product's system you do not actually get the ads for free, you get them effectively for free.  I do wish internet products would be more truthful and not be based on such deceptions.  Unfortunately, marketers have found that such hype and misrepresentation is what gets internet buyers to buy.  I have to say that I find this product to be no worse in this area than many (most?) other internet products.

So with considerable negatives, but not nearly as large as many other reviewers have claimed, should you buy this product and try this system?  I think so.  The system is innovative and from limited testing I have concluded that it is basically sound.  To make really big money it would take considerable time and work. But again that is true for many (most) internet products.  I doubt that I will put this system into full operation because it is not really how I want to spend my time.  However, I am fairly sure that I could make some very good money using the system.  Even though I am not going to put major efforts into this system, it still taught me several innovative things that I will continue to use in my business endeavors.  I believe those ideas are worth the price of the product and there is still the total system that could be put to use making money.  So even though the products sale's material has some strong negatives, I find the product itself to be of good value.  Go here to learn more about Get Google Ads Free.


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