Review of How to Secretly Spy on Your Internet Competition

My reaction to the video eBook, How to Secretly Spy on Your Internet Competition is very positive.  I highly recommend it to you!  By the way, I am not an affiliate of this product and do not make anything should you use the link to purchase it.  Just doing my job of providing you with honest reviews.

Even though the title seems to imply it, this eBook is NOT about doing anything unethical.  If you were looking for something to help you illegally hack into your competition’s website and do damage, you will be sorely disappointed.  No, what these videos do is teach you perfectly legal and ethical ways to discover important information about your competition.  Paying attention to your competition is a perfectly legitimate business practice.  The videos in the eBook will teach you innovative techniques in using tools found on the web.  It taught me several things that I did not know and now put to use.  Go to the sales info by clicking on the link above to see a description of the specifics of the information that you can uncover about your competition.

I also see a second value to this resource that is not mentioned in the sales material.  That is exploring your own website and how it appears to your competition.  As strange as this may sound, you will learn things about your own website.  Use this information to improve your website.

Another reason I give this product such a positive review is because it is so reasonably priced.  As e-Products get more and more expensive, this product is so reasonably priced, you really must click on the link and read more about it.


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