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Article Marketing

Article Marketing

Article marketing is one of the best ways to be successful in internet marketing today.  The central idea in article marketing is to produce content.  Then to syndicate that content out to as many websites as possible.  This content contains links back to your websites.  The more quality links your websites have the higher you rank in the search engines and the higher you rank in the search engines the more traffic you will get to your websites.

The purpose of this review is NOT to provide the details on how to write such articles.  However, some background is needed.  The idea is to write short articles about topics related to the products that you are promoting.  The articles are not directly sales pieces but rather informational pieces which are useful to readers.  However, within these articles you place links to your websites and of course your websites are promoting products.  One then submits these articles to article sites who host the articles and then web search engines find your articles and the links contained in them and they get included in the search sites such a Google.  Moreover, other websites come to these article sites for content for their webpages.  In order to use such content these websites must keep the links included.  This gives your links even more places to be found by search engines as well as ordinary readers of those websites.  All of this gets your links out there in many ways.

There are some complications with this method of marketing.  The central one being time.  It takes lot of time to write articles and get them submitted to the various article sites.  As far as writing the articles you have several options.  There is software to help you write articles.  You can purchase Private Label Rights articles.  With each of these methods you will need to spin the articles to make them unique.  You can hire someone to write articles for you or write them yourself.  But the writing of the articles is not the focus of this review, but instead the submission of articles after you have them written.

The process of submitting the articles is also very time consuming especially since you want to submit your articles to many article sites improving the chances that your articles will be picked up by the search engines and other websites.  All the better, if the search engines find your articles and the containing links multiple times.  It makes your links look more popular which is what raises you page rank on search engine results.

So, to the rescue has come various software to submit your articles automatically.  This is not an easy thing to do since the article sites do not want you to submit articles automatically.  While they cannot prohibit it, they would rather you submit articles only to their site.  So they set up their sites for manual and not automated submission.  Consequently, the software has to be sophisticated in order to fool the article sites into thinking the articles are being submitted manually.

The market is now fairly saturated with such software and so it makes it difficult to know which one to purchase.  I have tested a number of them and one is so far above the others that it is not even a choice.  So this review will make it clear which one to purchase if you plan to do article marketing.

Magic Submitter

Magic Submitter

The one to buy is Magic Submitter and it is a gem.  It lives up to its name “Magic” especially because it submits much more than just articles.  I will have more on that later.  The software only costs $4.95; however, after the first month there is a monthly fee to use it.  Trust me you will happily pay the monthly fee as it will easily make you much more money than the fee if you are at all serious and put it to work.  However, you must be committed to do article marketing.

About the only criticism I have is that the software is a bit complicated to use.  However, it comes with excellent training, videos and support.  The process of signing up with the article sites is not flawless and it takes some time as it is still difficult to fool those sites into thinking that you are doing it manually.  Nevertheless, it is light years ahead of other programs.  Moreover, it even checks your email and answers the confirmation requests.  The submission process again is not flawless, but still very impressive.  You will literally save hours of tedious drudgery posting articles with this software.

More importantly, Magic Submitter does so much more than submit to articles sites.  It also automatically submits to Video Sites, Photo Sites, Blogs, Micro Blogs, Bookmarking Sites, RSS Feeds, Press Release Sites, and more.  Moreover, you are not limited to the built in sites as it has a design feature that allows you to intuitively add 100’s of additional sites that you want to syndicate content to.  It also provides coaching on topics like, “How to SEO optimize your Videos” “How to Write an Article like an Expert” and dozens of other important topics.  It truly is in a completely different league than the other submitter products.  Moreover, it keeps getting better as the program is continually updated and its database of sites you can submit to is regularly updated.  This an outstanding piece of software and one that I know I would not make money without.

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Advantages of Magic Submitter

  • Magic Submitter gives you over 2000 sites to submit to.
  • With Magic Submitter you are able to efficiently create accounts at all the services.
  • Effective tool in getting backlinks to your webpages.
  • Excellent training and support.

Disadvantages of Magic Submitter

  • The software is a bit complicated and there is a learning curve.


In conclusion, I recommend that you purchase Magic Submitter as it is an outstanding piece of software that is a tremendous tool in the process of article marketing.


Magic Submitter

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