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My reaction to the eBook, Mini-Ebook Goldmine is positive.  I recommend it to you!  By the way, I am not an affiliate of this product and do not make anything should you use the link to purchase it.  Just doing my job of providing you with honest reviews.

For many of us, it seems counter-initiative to give stuff away in order to make money.  But in fact it is a time honored method.  Just think of the millions that Publishers Clearinghouse or Reader Digest give away in contests.  They are not stupid!  They have found that they make millions more by giving away these millions.  If you are anything like me, you do not have a million to give away.  So instead, we must try something on a much smaller scale.  As internet marketers, the most effective way to do so is by giving away some valuable/useful information as part of a campaign to sell other products.

This is where Mini-Ebook Goldmine comes in.  Just having something on the internet to give away will not get your business going.  There are some very specific techniques that you need to employ if you are going to make this method work for you.  This eBook will explain them all to you.  The only negative comment I have about it is that it is a bit overpriced.  Even in this regard, the price of eBooks have been increasing and this one is NOT out of line with comparable products.

One of the things that I especially like about this eBook is that it is fair and balanced.  It does not only provide you with a one-sided perspective but even tells you about the disadvantages of giving away free eBooks.

This eBook while not long (about 70 pages) is still a comprehensive coverage of the subject.  It provides the practical technical details, points you to free software, explains how to produce mini-eBooks quickly and then how to market them.  There is much more included as the sales page explains.

If you have never written or marketed your own eBook, you really must click here and read more about this product.

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