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This is a review of PayDotCom and whether you should be making money online with it.  PayDotCom is one of the largest and one of the longest established affiliate networks.  Even though there are several ways you can be making money online, affiliate marketing is something that really stands out.  The more traffic you generate and the more visits your site gets, the more money you can be making online.

With affiliate marketing, you won’t need to worry about the products you have to sell.  You don’t have to spend time and energy creating your own products.  All you need to have is a website with sufficient content that is related to the affiliate products you are promoting and you can be making money online.

Affiliate Networks

But where do you find the products to promote?  The simple answer is affiliate networks.  Affiliate networks contain many different affiliate programs.  Also, affiliates are given a wide variety of promotional and marketing tools to help them be successful in the promotion or marketing of the products so that you are making money online.

PayDotCom Review

There are many different affiliate networks out there, and you should join several.  The biggest in terms of digital products is ClickBank.  But an early competitor to ClickBank was PayDotCom and it is the focus of this review.  This review will be blunt, PayDotCom has kind of fallen out of favor as newer and flashier affiliate networks have been created.  However, newer and flashier does not mean better.  PayDotCom is rock solid and has thousands of products and programs you may want to promote.  These products are exclusive to PayDotCom, so you can only promote them if you are a PayDotCom member.  Moreover, PayDotCom has recently been acquire by the people who run WebFire, Shawn Casey and Brian Koz.  They are two of the internet market giants that I trust the most.  Consequently, this review thinks PayDotCom will be getting better and better.

As an affiliate, affiliate networks make things easy for you.  You do not need to deal with the product creators.  You do not have to handle orders or payment processors.  You do not have to handle customer support.  All you have to do is signup for the network and that is completely free.  Then you select products that you want to promote.  When someone buys a product you are promoting you get credited with your commission.  Then on a regular basis you get paid.  In my review, I found that PayDotCom does all of this well, though perhaps on some things not quite as well as ClickBank.

The PayDotCom network has both physical and digital products, though mostly digital.  My review found that PayDotCom is where some big names in internet marketing, such as Mike Filsaime and Jonathan Leger, have most of their products.  So if you want to promote their products, you must belong to PayDotCom.

My review discovered that there are more than 75,000 products or programs on PayDotCom which you can promote.  So in most niches, you should be able to find a host of products which you can promote.  Many of the products have promotional tools (banners, emails, etc.) available for you to use.

PayDotCom also provides you with stats so you will know things like how many clicks and sales you are getting for each product.

My review found that the payment system with PayDotCom is not as good as ClickBanks.  But before, I explain, let me be clear:  I have always got paid.  However, instead of PayDotCom paying you, each product owner pays you at the end of the month either via PayPal or check.  Not as convenient as ClickBank, but it still seems to work.

If you have your own product, PayDotCom is also a good choice for an affiliate network to have affiliates promote your product.  However, that is not the focus on this review.

My review concludes that PayDotCom is an absolute no-brainer.  If you want to be making money online you should be a member.  There is no cost and no-risk.  Join Here.  Then find products to promote.  Use the tools provided or create your own and then promote the products on your websites, blogs, social media and email lists.


P.S.  If you have experience using PayDotCom please provide your own review based on your experience with PayDotCom.  Are you making money online with it?  Also be sure to check out all of our reviews.


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