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WP Robot is a key aid to running money-making websites as one of the complications of running a website is that you must continually create new content for it.  This is "a must" to get and maintain search engine rankings.  In fact you need new content daily to stay in the race against similar websites.  Now creating content for a hobby website that you are passionate about is not so much a problem.  But if you are trying to make money with websites online you have not just one website but many of them, perhaps a hundred or more.  Try to create new content on a regular basis for all these websites is just about impossible.  So you have to find methods to deal with the situation.

One such method is autoblogging which is software that takes content from elsewhere and then creates posts on your sites.  This is usually done in conjunction with “spinning” software which rewrites the content to make it unique for your site.  The quality of your spinner controls the quality of your posts, that is "how readable" is the outcome of the posts?  However, the spinner is not our focus here.  Instead it is software that automatically goes out and finds the content for your site and then creates the posts for your site—autoblogging software.

If you use WordPress to create your websites, then the obvious choice for autoblogging software is WP Robot.  It is outstanding software that I know that I could not make money without.  If you have been using WordPress for any time, you should be familiar with plugins.  WP Robot is a WordPress plugin and is easy to install and operate.  And best of all, once set up, it does most of the work for you creating content to your websites.  It is the way to WP autoblog and there is no WP Robot alternative that comes close to what it can do for you.

WP Robot Modules

WP Robot

So what kind of content does WP Robot create?  It has twenty-four different modules each which creates different content for your websites.  You can purchase the full version which includes all 24 modules or you can select and purchase specific modules.  If you are serious about making money on the internet, I would recommend the full version.  While not cheap, it is very reasonably priced and then you have full flexibility provided by all the modules.  In addition, you can use WP Robot on all your websites, you do NOT have to purchase a separate plugin or license for each of your websites.  It really is a bargain.

The WP Robot Article Module is probably the central module as it will add keyword targeted articles from several big article directories as posts on your website.  This module includes a template system so that you can make the posts look the way you want them to look.  You can leave the article "as is" which is curating content or use a spinner to transform it into your own unique content.

The Amazon Module creates blog posts for any product sold on Amazon related to the keyword you select.  It can also add all the reviews found on the product page to your post as comments.  As an Amazon affiliate program member (free), you earn money for any sales you refer as through your posts.

The eBay Module in WP Robot will add recent and popular auctions from eBay to your weblog on autopilot.  Then you can earn money for any sale you refer through the eBay affiliate program.

The ClickBank Module will drip-feed ads from to your weblog allowing you to earn money using the ClickBank affiliate program.  ClickBank is, of course, the largest affiliate program for electronic (nonphysical) products.  If you are seeking to make money online you should already be a member of ClickBank (which is free).  Go Here to see my review of ClickBank.

Yahoo Answers Module can enrich your blog by adding questions and answers related to any topic automatically.  The content will be retrieved by WP Robot from Yahoo Answers.

The Google News Module allows you to automatically post news articles from Google News to your WordPress blogs.  Articles created by the Google News module include a short summary of the news with a link to the full source.

As you might expect, the YouTube Module will add videos for any topic to your weblog on total autopilot.  Videos are popular with human visitors as well as the search engines and consequently a nice addition to your website.  The module will also retrieve up to 25 YouTube comments and add them as comments to your blog posts.

The Flickr Image Module creates a popular image blog by adding screenshots, images and other media on any topic from to your weblog automatically.  Not only can you use this module to create image posts, you can even add the images retrieved by the Flickr module to all other modules you own or your normal blog posts.  With this powerful feature you can for example automatically add relevant thumbnails to articles.  You can also post all comments from the Flickr images as comments on your own blog.

The RSS Module allows you to add any RSS feed you can find to WP Robot and let the plugin regularly post all its content to your weblogs.  Considering the millions of RSS feeds out there you will probably never run out of high quality content this way.

Commission Junction is one of the biggest affiliate marketing companies and hundreds of advertisers from different countries run their affiliate programs with them.  Unlike ClickBank, Commission Junction or CJ, is focused on physical products.  With the CJ Module you can access all those advertisers programs, post product and listing data to your weblog on autopilot and earn great commissions from every sale you refer to one of the many merchants. is a big website for classifieds, featuring millions of listings in several different countries and various categories.  The Oodle Module will access all of this content and post keyword targeted content to your weblog automatically.

Shopzilla is one of the biggest product comparison websites on the internet today.  With the Shopzilla Module you can access their vast database of products and include comparison shopping content for your visitors on your blog.  You will even earn commission from sales you refer.  Shopzilla is somewhat particular in giving out accounts, so you may not be able to use the module, especially if you are new to internet marketing.

The Press Release Module can post press releases available on to your weblog on autopilot. is one of the leading press release websites on the internet and features hundreds of thousands of different press releases on any topic you can think of.

The Twitter Module allows you to access all content available on and easily include any "tweets" related to your blog's niche into your weblog.

Linkshare is a huge affiliate network, used by many big companies like Apple, Macy's and AT&T to run their affiliate programs.  With the Linkshare Module you can access the gigantic database and automatically post products from advertisers you choose to your site in order to earn affiliate commissions.

Eventful which is one of the largest event database sites in the world with millions of events listed for the whole world.  The Eventful Module uses Eventful to post targeted events related to your keywords to your weblogs - could be music concerts, local city festivals or anything else!

The iTunes Module can access the complete iTunes store by Apple and post anything that can be found in there to your weblogs on autopilot, no matter if it is a song, album, app or movie.  Many customizable settings are available to find exactly the content you need for your site. provides reviews by real people and customers for restaurants, cafes and many other businesses in cities all around the world.  With the Yelp Module you can access this data and add targeted posts to your weblog.

The ShareASale Module can read the content from any merchant datafeed provided by the hundreds of vendors on  The module will upload such data to your website and post it as content on your blog automatically, giving you access to many thousands of products as new content from which you will also earn affiliate commission. is a fast growing affiliate network with plenty of products by large merchants to choose from and add to your sites.  You will earn affiliate commission for each sale you refer through the Avantlink partner program, adding yet another valuable source of automatic income to your autoblogging network by using the Avantlink Module.

The PLR Module allows you to post your own PLR (private-label-right) content to your webblogs by simply dropping it in a folder of your website and have WP Robot do all the work automatically.

Article Builder is the popular and powerful article building software produced by internet marketer Jon Leger, which can provide you with unique and readable high-quality articles.  Read my review of Article Builder here.  The Article Builder Module makes it possible to use the software’s functionality within WP Robot allowing you to automatically build Article Builder content and publish it on your WordPress weblogs.  However, for this module to work, you must be an Article Builder member which is a fairly expensive yearly subscription.

The Big Content Search Module uses content from, a popular PLR article database and search engine, to fetch related PLR articles to your keywords.  You must have a Big Content account to use this module, but their membership is very reasonable.

The Translation Module is different from the rest as it does not add new content to your blog, but instead can translate any content created by other modules into many languages.  The central idea is that by translating multiple times (i.e. from English to German to English) it can also create instant unique content.  However, machine translations are stilted at best and unreadable at worst.  In my experience this module does not create usable unique content.  So if you are purchasing modules separately, I would take a pass on this one.

WP Robot Review

Overall, WP Robot is an easy to use program.  Nevertheless, it is sophisticated and gives you great flexibility with many options.  You can set up complex content campaigns with many keywords and then you can give percentages to the various modules.  So for example you can say 60% of the posts will be from the Article Module, 20% from Amazon, 10% from Commission Junction and 10% from Twitter.  However, I have found I get better results by setting up many more specific campaigns each using just one module.  In either case, you then select how often you want the campaign to post either per hours or days.  It is best to review the content that WP Robot creates, especially if you are using a spinner on the content, as the results are occasionally not what you desire and needs to be altered or deleted.  But usually it does a fine job.

I would never recommend that you put all of your content creation for your websites on autopilot via WP Robot or any other software or service, you should be creating your own unique content as well.  Nevertheless, autoblogging via WP Robot makes it possible for you to create regular content for a large number of websites in an efficient way.  This is simply impossible if you run 50-100 or more websites even if you wrote content from dawn to dusk.  You simply could not meet the need to post new content to each sites daily which is required to do well in the search engine ranking race.  WP Robot is by far the best solution to this problem.  I know that I could not make money without it, and I doubt you will either if your focus is on running multiple websites.

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