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Website traffic is key to making money on the internet.  As you know my motto is “Don’t buy make-money products, buy tools that will help you make money.”  This is a product that I know I would not make money without its help.


Today, I am going to review WebFire.  I use WebFire multiple times every single day in my internet marketing business.  I know that I could not make money without this tool!

So what is WebFire?  It is a set of 22 different tools all designed to get you free targeted website traffic. You do want free traffic, don’t you?

When you are in the internet marketing business for a while, you learn who to trust and who not to trust.  The creators of WebFire are top internet marketers Shawn Casey and Brian Koz.  Not only have they been enormously successful, they are at the top of my list as to who to trust and who to listen to.

Casey and Kos spent over $100K to build the WebFire software that will make a huge difference getting traffic to your website.

So let’s talk about the WebFire tools which are web-based and located on WebFire’s website.

WebFire includes a couple of domain tools that are excellent.  In fact, never, never, never select and purchase a domain without first using these tools.  Your domain name is vitally important to getting traffic to your website.  It is the first traffic step you will take when building a website.  Most people balance two things when selecting a domain name – something that sounds good to them balanced with what they can find available.  Let me be blunt.  That is a terrible way to select a domain name if you want your website to get traffic.  One of WebFire’s domain tools will help you find expired domains.  Those are domains in your niche that others had but have given them up.  Those can be a goldmine because they may already have pagerank and backlinks to them.  The other domain tool will help you find a domain name that has the best keywords related to it.  These are just awesome tools.

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Search Engine Optimization

search engine optimization

There are a whole bunch of tools that WebFire calls “Site Tools.”  These are SEO or search engine optimization tools.  These will let you get your websites into to tip-top shape so that the search engines will love them and bring traffic to them.  These again are invaluable tools.  This group also includes a “Site Ranker Tool” which will help you track how your websites are doing with various keywords in the search engine.  While the Site Ranker Tool is good, I find the very inexpensive Accurank Tracker better because it allows me to check all of my sites at once.  However, that is not a reason to not get WebFire!

The next collection of tools on WebFire are what it calls “Lead Tools.”  These are mostly tools that will help you find places around the internet where you can post things with a link included back to your website.  This free method takes some effort.  That is a fact of life for free traffic methods.  But done correctly, it can be a powerful way to get traffic to your site.  You will be going to high traffic sites and posting valuable comments.  People on these high traffic sites see your valuable comments and click on your link coming to your webpage.  WebFire includes a whole bunch of tools to help you find such places.  These tools are just amazing.

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It is here that I do have one negative critique of WebFire.  I do find it is guilty of a bit of hype in the promotion of WebFire.  Everyone on the internet seems to do this and quite frankly what WebFire does is minor, but to be consistent I do not overlook such things even on products that I like.  They make the claim that “WebFire is so powerful that in 7 minutes (or less) you can get exposure for any site in any niche from Page 1 of Google.”  That statement is not a lie, it is true but misleading.  WebFire will allow you to do this.  But it’s not what you think it is.  It did not say that your website would be on page one of Google.  Instead, WebFire will allow you to post a comment on a site (with your backlink) in your niche that is on the first page of Google and you can probably do that in 7 minutes or less.  That is still very impressive and it is valuable, but it’s not quite what the claim sounds like.  Well enough of that; let’s get back to some of the other tools that WebFire has.

Let me just mention a few more of the great tools that you get with WebFire.  There is a video tool that will take an article that you have written and turn it into a video that you can then post on YouTube or elsewhere.  There is a press release tool that will help you write and distribute please releases for your business.  Plus there are article tools that will help you spin and submit articles.

Another high quality benefit of being a WebFire member is training.  Shawn Casey and Brian Koz, the founders of WebFire and internet experts, regularly provide exclusive members-only training webinars.  Moreover, all of the past webinars are available on WebFire.  So you haven’t missed a thing.  As of this writing, there are 18 of them there for you to watch and learn from real experts.

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WebFire is a tremendous value.  If your plan is to make money online by building moneymaking websites, then you must have WebFire.  I know I would not make money without it.  I know that you will not make money with it out it either.  So if you are not going to join WebFire, I would suggest that you stop wasting your time and money with internet marketing.  Make the choice.  But I hope you make the choice to make money.

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