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Affiliate Doubler

I usually love Graham Hamer’s products.  Moreover, he is one of the people I most respect in the field of internet marketing.  So when I ran across his Affiliate Doubler product, I did what I usually do with his products, I bought it.  However, after about 9 month of using and testing it, I can no longer recommend it.  You might have a different experience with the product than I did, but based on my experience, I would suggest that you save yourself a few hundred dollars a year and skip this one.

Affiliate Doubler is really two products in one.  The first is a link cloaker.  The second is a popup provider.  The product is high quality and does both of these things fine.

Review of Affiliate Doubler

There are good reasons to cloak your links.  With affiliate links, people often cut them off and just go to the original website.  If it is something like a Clickbank link, people replace part of it with their own ClickBank affiliate code.  So the service that Affiliate Doubler provides is of true value.  It should help increase your income by decreasing the highjacking of your links.

The second thing that Affiliate Doubler can do for you is open pop-up or pop-under windows of other products that you are promoting.  It can pop-up up to two after a prospect clicks on one of your links.  Moreover, you select exactly what pops up and when–such as 30 seconds later.  All of this is technically very impressive.  This is supposed to increase your affiliate traffic.  The problem with this is twofold.  First, most people have pop-up blockers to prevent this from happening.  No doubt that the advanced means of Affiliate Doubler get some through, but the traffic is greatly dimensioned.  The second problem is that most people hate pop ups and I have serious doubts about conversion rates these days from pop ups.  I suspect you are likely (if not more so) to alienate a customer as to make a sale.

The third thing that Affiliate Doubler does for you is that it has a fine affiliate program.  You get 25% of the monthly fee each month for each person you sign up and then stay members of the top (Gold) plan.  So if you can sign up and keep at least four people enrolled, your costs are covered and anything beyond that is profit.  Still the yearly Gold fee is nearly $240.  That is a pretty high investment for you and those you are trying to sell to.

There is no doubt, that Affiliate Doubler is a quality product.  However, with the opposition to pop-ups, I cannot recommend this product to you.

But if you would like to check it out go to Affiliate Doubler.


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