The Stinkers

The Stinkers

I do NOT recommend the programs and products listed below.  I am not suggesting that it is impossible for you to be making money online using them or that there is no value in these products.  In fact, I am quite sure that some people have used them to make significant money or have in some situations found the products useful.  HOWEVER, in my experience I have found that they did not produce the results that were advertised or that they did not meet my standards for ethical internet marking because of their nature or the way they are organized.  I think these are real stinkers!  Often they simply do not meet The Truth About Making Money Online’s standards for truthfulness.  While almost all advertising puts the best possible face forward, there comes a point where the hype becomes deception.  In general I find problematic programs and/or products fall into one of three categories.

Types of Stinkers

The Empty Box

With these products you find that when you actually get the product, there is not much there.  Now to be fair, usually the box is not completely empty, there is “something there.”  But what is there is minimal and is not the wonderful product that you had anticipated based on the advertisement.  Then, you are supposed to make money by selling this empty box to others.  I have ethical problems with doing such a thing.

The Pyramid Scheme

Like chain letters and gift clubs, online versions of this scheme claim to make money by getting a large number of people under you who will eventually send you large amounts of money.  Usually only those at the very top make money and at times they make a killing, while the rest of the people in the pyramid make little or lose a lot.  Usually the online pyramid scheme, like the offline chain letter, contains an empty box product so nothing of true value is being sold.  Legitimate multilevel marketing programs have a pyramid format, but there are two important differences.  First, in such legitimate programs there is a legitimate product of value being sold.  Second, with legitimate programs there will be a fair distribution of the profits throughout the pyramid.  Pyramid schemes are illegal and so to get around this, bad programs promote a box that is not completely empty.  I am not a lawyer and so in no way am I making a legal judgment in my reviews.  So with programs that I label pyramid in my stinkers list, I am suggesting that in my lay judgment and experience these programs lean more toward the pyramid scheme and away from legitimate multilevel marketing programs.  I am not suggesting they are illegal, but I do find they raise ethical issues and so recommend you stay away from them.  Do not buy them and do not promote them.

The Inferior Product

Many internet products fail to live up to their hype.  However, for a product to make it on to my list, it really has to be bad, falling far short of its hype.

The Stinkers List

So here is the list of Stinkers (they are NOT recommended)!  If you are trying to make money online in affiliate marketing, we suggest you avoid the products on the Stinkers List as they are likely to take your money and return little value or profit to you.  Moreover, promoting such products will move you away from ethical internet marketing.







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